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Our company will introduce an occupational health doctor, who considers safe consideration
in the form suitable for your company together on a national scale.

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Leave your health and safety organization to Sangyoui Inc.. !

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Do you utilize an occupational health doctor effectively?

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Please tell us about the problem and trouble that your company faces.

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We make the most of our network and offer.

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Depression = lifestyle-related disease!? They are both related to labor management.

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About occupational health doctors

An occupational health doctor operates at the workplace, provides workers with safety and health advice from a medical perspective in order to maintain / improve their health condition, and his task is to make both labor and health compatible.
※ According to the article 13 of the Industrial Health and Safety Law, a workplace counting constantly more than 50 workers must imperatively appoint an occupational health doctor.

About occupational health doctors
1.Participation in Health Committee and advice concerning issues
2.Workplace inspection
3.Face-to-face interview with employees affected by overwork
4.Temporary retirement / returner support
5.Health counseling
6.Mental health counseling / health education to an employee
7.Counseling about health management operations led by human resources
8.Advice concerning working environment management
9.Advice concerning health examination results in accordance to the Industrial
Health and Safety Law
10.Execution of all documents to be submitted to the Labor Standard Supervision Office

About Sangyoui Inc.

Sangyoui Inc. provides occupational health and safety management led by the occupational health doctor in line with each company.
Sangyoui Inc.’s specificity and strongest point is to offer nationwide a general assistance in terms of occupational health and safety, and none of our competitors is offering such a service.