To occupational health doctors

Sangyoui Inc. was created because such a company was
“needed for the occupational health care practical operations”!
To occupational health doctors, are you facing any of the following:
“I don’t have enough time for periodical visits”
“I would like to do an efficient check of paperwork, medical examination data or overwork among others”
“I am troubled with operations out of my field of competence such as mental health” and so on…

We support our staff!

Sangyoui Inc. is not a referral service company.
In a word, we do provide post-referral back-up.
The staff provides occupational health doctors with emphatic support for their complex and demanding activities.

We are recruiting industrial physicians!

We have an undisclosed occupational health doctor offers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please register with us for occupational health care!
Sangyoui Inc. Chairman Kenichi Shionoya

When I started to work in occupational health care 10 years ago,
I was a hospital doctor and I was conducting medical examination as well.
The business of the occupational health doctor is introduced to many divergences.
As for the trouble and the time to spend it for processing and correspondence,
it is unexpectedly enormous.

With the social situation evaluating by the minute or the raging wave caused by the Industrial Safety and Health Law amendment have directly influenced the companies and the knowledge, the amount of information required for occupational health, the risks it involves increase commensurately.
In reality, collect information / measures / previous cases among others and arrange company counseling and schedule as needed has its limit when done individually, which is why I could not provide a sufficient service. I actually meet numerous doctors and I am often told the following: “I do occupational health care but I wish I could reduce the amount of work” “I would like to be involved in occupational health care but I don’t have the time”. Many agree on the necessity of having staff that would act as an intermediary between occupational health doctors and companies, provide operational support, fulfill the company’s needs and collect the adequate information and so on. Also, as a result of the Labor Regulation Amendment, companies doing everything they can to manage the risks brought by “compliance” “overwork” “mental health” “Health and Safety Obligations” and others depend more and more on occupational health doctor. In a word, the level of risk management required by companies equals the level (quality / amount) of occupation health doctors’ task. Side-on full support is indispensable to accelerate occupational health and safety management.

Recently, I collaborate not only with our occupational health doctor friends, but also with health nurses, company managers, medical institutions, clinical psychotherapist associations, certified social insurance labor consultant associations and others.
As a result, I am now able to handle smoothly counseling or request out of my field of competence, thus provide companies with a better service.
Miscommunication issues are reduced as our staff connecting companies and occupational health doctors is taking care of companies’ requests when needed, handle financial points that are difficult to discuss directly and make arrangements that take in consideration requests expressed from both parties.

The reason why I created such a support is that when I was working in occupational health as a hospital doctor, I felt that our capacity to face the diversifying needs was reaching its limit.

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