For Companies

Are you looking for occupational health doctors? We serve as a liaison bridge in order to create an environment in which each party will be able to express its opinion.


For Doctors

We are recruiting occupational health doctors! Our staff provides emphatic support for your complex and demanding activities.


Now Offering Teleconferencing Service

We are now operating a video conference service between workers suffering from overwork and doctors as well as occupational health doctors.

Enterprise Risk Manegement Based on the Industrial Health and Safety Law

We provided clear explanation of things frequently pointed out by the Labor Standard Supervision Office, types of issues commonly faced by companies and outline occupational and safety management.

Corporate Health Manegement Planner

Publication of a health management practical manual for small-medium business. For people in charge of general affairs/human resources facing health management issues.

Rehabilitation management for employees on temporary leave(medical,labour and legal)



Sangyoui Inc. provides occupational health and safety management support centered on occupational health doctor in accordance to each company`s situation.

Supporting both companies and industrial physicians!

Going from health management to workplace inspection, occupational health doctors have a huge amount of work, so the associated human resources managers also see their assignment becoming more complex and demanding. This is why a company’s occupational health and safety are not conducted more smoothly just by referring occupational health doctors. By supporting the accomplishment of occupational health care duties based on the article 13 of the Industrial Health and Safety Law, we help companies conducting inner-firm occupational health and safety efficiently. Our company’s characteristic and strongest point is to offer nationwide general assistance in terms of occupational health and safety, and none of our competitors offer such a service.

Our service is available nationwide!

We offer a general support for occupational health and safety management nationwide. We developed a system suitable for companies with numerous offices operating nationwide such as Mass retailers, temporary labor agencies, growing IT corporations and major companies’ internal health management office, among others.


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